Djibouti / China: The Chief of State presided over a ceremony of an agreement on the financing of major tourism development projects


The Chief of State H.E.M. Ismail Omar Guelleh has presided this Monday the signing ceremony of an agreement on the financing of major development projects between the Prime Minister Mohamed Kamil Abdoulkader, and the CEO of Touchroad, a Chinese international group, Mr. He Liehui.


The Chinese company Shanghai Touchroad International Group, through this agreement signed today, will finance especially the construction of a shipyard in Obock, a new airport and luxury hotels for wealthy tourists in the islands of RasSyan and seven brothers.


The Chinese group will also establish its regional headquarters in Djibouti. This choice of Touchroad is explained by Mr. Abubaker Omar Hadi, Chairman of the Ports and Free Zones Authority of Djibouti, who has attended the signing ceremony, the political stability of our country, its geostrategic position and its liberal economy.


Shanghai Touchroad International Group is a company that operates on dozens of African countries, as well as the South East and the West of the continent. After the international sales of traditional commodities, the Chinese private group has expanded its activities to other areas such as the exploitation of mineral resources, tourism, cultural media and the financial sector.


The CEO of the group, Mr. He Liehui is the initiator of the famous China-Africa Investment Forum of Touchroad, which brings the heads of African and Chinese companies together since 2008 in Shanghai. This meeting has become the largest Sino-African Business Forum organized by a private Chinese company.