The last years are very rich in its incidents, out of this point, the coming years will be the years of reviewing the actions taken, and that every man and woman of the people of Djibouti, who renewed their confidence in me shall have the right of reviewing the fact of the political, economic and social achievements that contributed in improving their living conditions. Also, the people of Djibouti have the right of criticizing and evaluating the Government policies which was performed in their name. These are the conditions of the democratic and institutional methodology adopted by our country.

Despite the economic progress, the challenging development and reforms being achieved, the Government should accept this accountability about the truth with open heart. Frankly speaking, we will not fall in the trap of the false demagogic and political slogans, or even just to sit down being dazzled with these achievements. Also, our success will not distract our attention from the works that are still waiting for us despite all the achievements which were realized in the field of growth and development during this decade in which the National Product was doubled than the previous period.

It is certain that our country became the magnate for many foreign investments, and that our social development policy, especially thru the national initiative programs of social development, is always keen to distribute the fruitful outcomes resulting from the economic development.

Despite of all this achievements, we will not forget the upsetting situations of unemployed young people or the mandatory duty for fighting thirst and hunger threatening our families. The same is the case of our intention to realize the gradual and integral progress of the decentralized policy. On the other hand, and despite the international situation which is suffering the frequent crises, and despite the maritime piracy and its potential consequences, our country is still continuing its quiet progress in the way of development.

I would not exaggerate if I said that all the realized success is attributed to all citizens and their insistence and will to live together in a country looking forward for realizing peace and development. So let’s work together for keeping the development’s torch glowing forever for lighting our future and that of our children.